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The LDC committee is comprised of local dental practitioners from a wide range of back grounds. These member’s work is supported financially from monthly subscriptions made by local dental practitioners.

The committee is led by the Chairman with the support of the experienced secretary and treasurer. The committee  represent the wider dental profession including primary and secondary care. This allows for a broad input when feeding back to the various committees that are represented.

Sub groups and individual members have a remit to represent the LDC in matters that are important to the dental professionals. Oxfordshire LDC Secretary and Chair meet with other LDCs on a regional basis to discuss issues affecting the profession and how joint representation may be more effective.

The Committee

Laurie Powell

Chair Oxfordshire LDC

Neil Oastler

Minutes and Meeting Secretary



Edward Hems

Regular Committee Member

Sheshi Tatineni

Regular Committee Member

Denis Duggan

Regular Committee Member

Sadaf Khan

Regular Committee Member

Rosalind Mitchell

Regular Committee Member

Sarah Buckingham

Regular Committee Member

The Voice of Dentistry in Oxfordshire & Berkshire - for Patients and the Profession

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